Join “GMGP-Discussion” mailing list


The Greater Milwaukee Green party “GMGP-Discussion” list as of Nov 2017 is very low traffic and “no spam”.

Purpose: Allow Milwaukee Green party members to collaborate. As a member you may reply to, or post new announcements, reports, questions etc.

Decide on your email address

If you already have a gmail email account skip to join gmgp-discussion.

If your ok w/creating a gmail account with a gmail email address go to google here and “use your head” to figure out how to create a new google account/gmail address. Login to google with this new gmail account, then skip to join gmgp-discussion.

Otherwise you may join without creating a gmail email, but you still have to register a new google accountusing your non google email address in the process. Watch carefully, early on they give you the option of using a non gmail email address.

Join gmgp-discussion

Login to the google account w/the email address that you want to direct the gmgp-discussion email to.

Follow Steps at “Apply for membership” link at:

When approved, you may post to the group via email to:

That should work as long as google sees your ‘From’ address agrees with the account that joined the group.

You can read the list when logged into google, via this web link:!forum/gmgp-discussion, or just read via your email.

Again, once you are added: