YouTube Video of talk by Dr. George Stone, a retired professor of Geology and Earth Sciences, MATC on Tue Jan 9 2018 at MKE Urban Ecology Center for

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raw notes/jots from George’s talk:

George promoted this website:

George spoke highly of NASA scientist

219 climate change related events w/cost of $1.5 trillion since 1980.

Obligation: Intergenerational Justice.

George respects:

Capitalism has no concious; we must control it.

#COP23/Bonn Germany 2017

CA Assy Bill 32     80% cut in CO2 by 2050     Americas Pledge Phase 1     Powering Past Coal Alliance
Dec 2017 NA mayoral Climate Summit in Chicago         Chicago Climate Charter   
1987 Montreal Ozone Protocol (success story)

Sep 12-14 2018 Climate Action Summit
    George urged us to consider going to this conference.

Lonnie Thompson Ohio University

Roger Randall Dougan Revelle

annual renewable energy summit madison wisconsin

average lifetime CO2 molecule; what if civilization/pollution stopped now?