City of Milwaukee Budget vs State of WI

Community Brainstorming Dec 2017

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My cryptic ‘jots’ and reference links follow:

at 12:11 min: 6th dist WI Sen LaTonya Johnson

The WI budget is a daunting 800 page document.

Covered budget cut back impacts on

Juvenile Prisons: Lincoln Hills & Copper Lake Schools

UWM tuition rate frozen

New Work Requirements

For Medicaid?

For “food share”?

[27:10 -38:10] Adjunct Marquette Prof Larry Miller on MPS

$200/yr increase in pub education spending, takes back to 1999 levels. WI is now below av spending/student in USA.

MPS special ed funding cut over the years from 70% state sourced to 26%.

Cutbacks in music, PhyEd, librarians, students w/disabilities

Standards lowered for teachers: you may get a teaching certification for $1900; no books, just an on line course with only 2 tests. No field work.

Bad priorities: 18 billion on incarceration in last 3 years. 3 Billion on Foxcomm over 15 years.

39:04 - 48:50 Milwaukee County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb


Several hundred million dollars going from Milwaukee to state, and not looping back. Milwaukee city and Cty gov are short.

(WI?) Act 14 transfer of power to Cty Executive. City exec can sell off/privatize any asset, except parks, without any support from Cty Board – this is wrong. We is Milwaukee Cty discriminated against at the state level?

Cty board fight over a measily 15 million, when we over pay state of WI by several 100 million.

50:10 Mayor Tom Barrett

Milwaukee paid 464.7 million dollars to Madison than it received from them.

2011 was the cross over date; ie after 2011 we started over paying.

Barrett’s figures do not include Medicaid; but Walker turned down Fed dollars for Medicaid.

Police budget rising; tax levee is rising slower. 90% of Milwaukee budget to police and fire.

Police pensions in trouble because of economic crisis. 2015-2016 Ste of WI was last in USA for manufacturing jobs.

State Sup Ct rescinded law that required police to be residents of Milwaukee – further reducing tax revenue.

2011 gift of 30 million to 11 individuals - “Ag and Manufacturing credit” implemented in 2013.

State is capping property taxes.

Freeze on state sales tax rate.

Walker stone walled against Barrett’s requests for more money from WI.