News Release: Greater Milwaukee Green Party Stands Against Back 40 Mine


The Greater Milwaukee Green Party stands with the Menominee tribe against construction of the Back Forty Mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The tribe recently filed suit to prevent the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality from issuing the final wetland permit allowing Aquila Resources to fill Menominee River wetlands to build a large open-pit sulfide mine near Menominee tribal lands.

The tribe’s suit focuses on forcing the federal government to control decisions that could pollute waters that pass through more than one state. The Menominee River forms the border between Upper Michigan and Wisconsin.

Milwaukee County delegate to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC), and GMGP co-chair Barbara Maniotis said “It’s unnerving to think that the same Michigan government that approved diverting drinking water in Flint from Lake Michigan to the Flint River would be allowed to destroy wetlands for a mine.”

“Wisconsin has had scientists aid in major environmental decisions for a long time,” Maniotis said. “Opening up this mine goes against common sense measures to protect our water system and those long held values of consulting and trusting expert scientists to determine whether or not to move forward on a project that could have massively detrimental effects to our natural resources.”

If approved, the Back Forty mine threatens to leach sulfuric acid into local groundwater and the river.

“The Greater Milwaukee Greens have stood for indigenous treaty rights since its founding in the 1980s,” GMGP co-chair Greg Banks said. “We will continue to fight with them, especially in defense of the environment.”

Community Brainstorming Sat Nov 18

Milwaukee Community Brainstorming

Breakfast: 8:00 AM — 9:00 AM
Program: 9:00 AM — 11:00 AM

Dr. Pamela Malone
Department of Sociology, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Saint Matthew C.M.E. Church
2944 North 9th Street (Parking off 8th St. between Locust and Chambers)

Sat Nov 18 2017 panel on IMPLICIT RACIAL BIAS

Click here for mp3 audio of presentation

Speakers or Gov Office Holders

Judge Joseph Donald

Milwaukee County Circuit Court, Branch 2.

His talk: 01:40 – 16:40.

Test he took shown he (a black) is biased against blacks:

His mother carefully taught hims as young child how to behave in rich white peoples homes around white adults and children his age, as she worked as a housekeeper in Patrick Cudahy’s house. The freeway project forced a move as he grew up, causing a black migration – he describes the reaction of whites to new black neighbors. He thinks it can be strategic to use the word ‘biased’ instead of racist when appropriate. Yes there is "implicit bias".

Ms. Nichole Yunk-Todd

Division Administrator, Milwaukee Youth Services

Her talk starts 17:24, through 31:10

Topics: "automatic vs controlled thought processing"; "association tests"; "blackness associated w/fear, crime and poverty"; "sub dominate group"; "social cognition measurements", ‘shooter bias’: association of black face with "shooter/gun holder"; "authority/decision makers"; "critical race theory"; judging "sub dominate group" group by it’s worst members, dominate group by it’s best.

Remedy: Decrease social distance. Increase high quality social interactions.

Dr. Harry Oden

Retired MPS Principal, Educational Consultant, Motivational Speaker.

Starts 31:56, ends 53:18

Former basketball player – 1 of 3 blacks at Univ MN/ Duluth; 60+ but still athletic. Very ‘big on public schools’. Was discriminated against in MPS after college. MPS delayed hiring, once hire he was given "bad assignments". Found his niche in MPS as teacher, and honored administrator; did much to mediate/reduce conflict among students, and between student factions, black and white. Judge a person by what is coming from their heart, not your first auto-impressions. Racism in education is as rampant as ever. Unfortunately education about profit now.

question and answer starts at 53:18

Tim Burns – WI Supreme Ct Candidate

Not a speaker, just one of several politicians there. Had good discussion w/him about economics.

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