How-to Facilitate a Meeting

< 1st version from an OCR scan of doc supplied by Greg Banks. >

Facilitator Prompts

F. requests a time keeper (ask item speaker how much time is needed and get approval). More time can be allotted at the pleasure of the group.

F. is encouraged to begin meeting by reiterating what the group has decided the ground rules are for effective meetings.

If you want to, keep a “stack” of those indicating that they want the floor. In this way, participants that are more assertive can be fairly expected to wait their turn while those that are less assertive get their chance to have the attention of the group.

F. is responsible for keeping the agreed upon agenda flowing in an effective way by prompting minor rule violations (e.g. “Please wait for your turn on the speaking stack, everyone. I have ___ next on the stack”) before they become major violations and encouraging all to participate. Open discussion (keep the discussion only to the motion). Instruct that, “action requests be put in the form of a motion”. Provide closure for each item by stating the action has been decided on and the responsibile persons for the action.

F. is responsible for completion of all business items like: officer reports, committee reports, magic hat, setting next meeting time, etc.