“How To” add SOMEONENEW@milwaukeegreens.org; New email “How To”

email address “How To” make: SOMEONENEW@milwaukeegreens.org

If you do not care about an outgoing ‘From’ address for a given role like media@foo.org, they offer mail forwarding, so all mail to media@foo.org can be forwarded as wanted. Forwarding is conceptually easier, no password, no imap or pop3 mail config; but has the downside that the ‘From’ address will just be the forward-destination address, ie your address when you reply back.

For ordinary (non forwarding) email accounts as in SOMEONENEW@milwaukeegreens.org, you need to configure your email client to retrieve and send mail through milwaukeegreens.org’s mail server.

Related links from a chat with https://chi.midphase.com support:

One time DNS MX record set up for milwaukeegreens.org

Login to DNS registrar for milwaukeegreens.org. In our case that is https://www.godaddy.com/. In our case, per midphase support the MX record should be as shown:

$ command dig +noall +identify +answer MX milwaukeegreens.org
milwaukeegreens.org.    3590    IN      MX      1 mx.milwaukeegreens.org.cust.a.hostedemail.com.

routine new email address adds

Login to cpanel acct for milwaukeegreens.org: https://chi.midphase.com

Goto https://chi.midphase.com/domain/milwaukeegreens.org/email

Follow the prompts.

To test the email accounts, there is a webmail client that the cpanel account can get to at the same link as above.